The Chicoine family hiking journal lines

The official AMC New Hampshire 4K list
and our trip reports.

. . . . . . "The mountains are calling and I must go." John Muir

Washington (6288Ft.)
9 mile loop (Up Amanoosic trail to Lakes in the Clouds 2.5 down Jewel trail)

Adams (5774ft.)
Overnight. Lowes Path to Gray Knob hut. (Day 2) Adams 9 miles

Jefferson (5712ft.)
Caps 7 mile loop. Caps trail - Castle trail - Link trail(no more than a dear trail)

Monroe (5382ft.)
Amanoosic trail (up and back), 5.5 hrs.

Madison (5367ft.)
Vally Way to summit, Airline down 8.4miles, 8hrs.

Lafayette (5260ft.)
Lafayette, Lincoln, Haystack, 8.9 mile loop, See Lincoln.

Lincoln (5089ft.)
Falling Waters to AT/Franconia Ridge, to Bridal Path.

Twin, South (4902ft.)
11.2 miles, up North Twin Trail to South Twin Spur. 8hrs.

Carter Dome (4831ft.)
Overnight. 5 miles ? 19 Mile Brook to Zeta pass to Carter Dome.

Moosilauke (4805ft.)
6.5 mile loop; (Beaver brook to MT Blue)

Eisenhower (4761ft.)
Franklin, to Eisenhower, 9 Miles

Twin, North (4761ft.)
Long hard hike, steady incline for 2+ miles with a few steep sections.

Bond (4698ft.)
Overnight, from Zeland Rd. to Geyot shelter, to Bonds, back to Zealand rd.

Carrigain (4680ft.)
10 miles round trip. Fire tower on summit. Worth the hard work. 7.5 hrs.

Carter, Middle (4610ft.)
From Carter South .6, to Rt16 via Imp tr. 5-miles (lots-a-rocks, hurt my knee)

West Bond (4540ft.)
Bond, Bondcliff, West-Bond (1'st overnighter (rough) 12.7 miles

Garfield (4500ft.)
9.5 miles round trip, nice gentle hike, 6.5hrs.

Liberty (4459ft.)
6.7 miles Liberty Springs tr. (up and back), relentless!

Carter, South (4430ft.)
Day 2 from Mt.Height/Zeta Pass .8 miles. See Carter Dome

Wildcat A (4420ft.)
See Wildcat E, Spent the night is Carter Notch Hut, 9.8M +2 on RT16

Hancock, North (4403ft.)
A nice 10 mile, 7 hour trek with a steep but short .5-mile climb

Kinsman, South (4358ft.)
Our first Winter over-nighter

Osceola (4340ft.)
7 miles, From Tripoly Rd. Mothers day 99.

Flume (4328ft.)
Osseo Tr. 11-miles 7.25-hrs. Best maintained trail in the Whites

Pierce (4310ft.)
(Mt. Clinton) 6.5 Mile loop (Crawford path to Mizpah hut)... big snow

Willey (4300ft.)
9 miles (A to Z trail, Avalon, See Field, Willey and Tom)

Field (4300ft.)
See Willey (Noah came, long slog).

Kinsman, North (4293ft.)
Kinsman Trail from the west (Franconia) best approach. 11-miles, check out Bald Peak!

Hancock, South (4274ft.)
see Hancock North, (did this as a loop over both)

Bondcliff (4265ft.)
What a great spot, middle of Pemi

Zealand (4260ft.)
Day 1, 4.7, Zealand - ugly summit, on to Geyot campground 7.6 See Bonds.

Cabot (4170ft.)
Day 1, 2.2-miles to unknown pond, Day 2, 8-miles to cabot/horn/ back to car.

Osceola, East (4156ft.)
6 miles steep last 3'rd to summit but nice short day. 5.5hrs.

Tripyramid, North (4140ft.)
12 mile round trip up Sabbaday Brook Trail. 7hrs. Lots of water crossings.

Tripyramid, Middle (4110ft.)
All easy to moderate hiking except for the ¼mile steep section and 40ft. slide.

Cannon (4100ft.)
6 miles, Trail sucks. (needs to be re-routed) Too heavily traveled, very eroded sand rock.

Passaconaway (4060ft.)
9.2 miles, moderate trail, 6.75hrs. Very nice trail.

Hale (4054ft.)
5 miles, views only through trees, summit is like Carter Dome

Jackson (4050ft.)
5.5 miles Raining - (Trail was a river), sleet on summit.

Moriah (4049ft.)
12-mile (8.5 hrs) round trip, difficult hike up Rattle River. camped in the shelter

Tom (4047ft.)
We hiked this one as part of a Willey, Field, Tom loop.

Wildcat E (4041ft.)
2 days. From 19Mile Brook tr. to Wildcat Ski Area

Owl's Head (4025ft.)
2 days. 18.6 miles out and back. Wa-hooOO!

Galehead (4024ft.)
10 miles nice views of Pemi, and the Twins. (can bag South Twin here.)

Whiteface (4010ft.)
8.5 miles blueberry trail top ¼mile some hand/hand rock scramble

Waumbec (4006ft.)
Star King Trail, 7.3 miles round trip from Pool parking lot on Rt.

Isolation (4005ft.)
Overnighter, Rocky Branch hut #2 14.6miles

Tecumseh (4003ft.)
5 mile snow both times. Snow-shoes second time!