Ok, so the biking page isn’t going to be too spectacular but I thought that since this is another activity Simone and I enjoy in our quest to experience New England, I needed a page for this. In the summer we’ve tried to increase our biking activities as our peak bagging activities have begun to decrease. I certainly don’t document our bike riding excursions with the same fervor as I do with our hiking journal. But we have done some nice casual rides that I thought were worth mentioning that might inspire you to visit the same places. There are the usual ever popular rail trails in New England, (about the only riding where you don’t spend most of your time going up hill, (Again,,,, What fun is that?)) Here is another great site for Rail Trail info and other peoples trip reports:

The Lake Champlain Rail Trail in Burlington Vermont

Our most memorable and an absolute MUST DO for EVERYBODY that can ride a bike! Link to this site for more info: We’ve done most of the Lake Champlain Rail trail in Burlington and I must say,,,, if you’re going to bike rail trails, this one is one of the nicest in New England. (Which by default makes it one of the nicest rail trails in the U.S.; Speaking from my very limited experience with rail trails) I say “most” of the rail trail because we went during a weekday when the causeway Bicycle ferry over to the islands wasn’t operating. Still, you get 10 miles of wonderful biking with lots of nice stops / beaches on Lake Champlain to cool off at. This trail is a real Family focused with opportunities to swim, picnic, and enjoy the beauties of the lake. The Causeway runs for miles right through the heart of the lake and (in season, / on weekends) out onto the islands. Burlington is a VERY bike friendly city and they are making every effort to encourage bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation among the many local college students, and they strongly promote Bicyclist-Tourism. But! Once you get off the rail trail: EXPECT HILLS!

Norwottuck Rail trail

10 miles. connects to the North Hampton Rail trail for another 2.6 mile ride into the center of North Hampton.

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