Harris Hill Ski Jump, Brattleboro Vermont

Feb. 14 2010
Noah, Simone, & John Chicoine

What a fantastic way to spend a beautiful winter day.

The Olympics Right here in our back yard!

Yes in deed!

It's and Olympic class Ski Jump compition, attended by Olympic class jumpers. The Day was as good as it could get for the spectators and jumpers. The snow was fast,(The jumpers were leaving the ramp at just under 60mph.) The wind was mild and steady and blowing straight up hill providing plenty of loft for long hanging flights. The second jump of the day broke the all time distance record for the hill (101.5metters).

You couldn't have asked for a more Olympic Events kind of day, But without the high cost, and crowds to deep to see anything. This crowd was lively and the junpers were weclomed with chears, OOOHHHS, AWES, noise makers and cow bells (turn up the audio on the videos and listen to that genuine Olympic experience.)

Harris Hill ski jump video 1

Harris Hill ski jump video 2

Spectators could line the course from top to bottom getting views no farther than 20 feet away from the jumpers as they wooshed past. (And the did woooosh I could time my camera shots by the sound of the jumper in the air as he/she flew down the hill. There were stairs running along the side of the jump for people to stand on, and for the more adventurous specataors you could kick your boots into the snow and make your way right up to the sideboards.

If you get inspiration to make it the jumps next year, plan on getting to the jump site about an hour before the official opening of the day and you'll have plenty of parking and you'll be just in time to pick your best vantage point for the jumps. But! Not too worry! the event never getts so crowded that you can't wander about and find other spots to watch different aspects of the jump uo close. We started out just 30 feet from the end of the ramp, then we moved down right to the middle of the flights, and then just 60 feet from the landings. From the side walls on the jump you can't see the entire jump so you have to move from locatio to location to see all of the action. If you stand at the bottom, bring bynoculars so you can watch the entire jump.

There really arn't a lot of sounds that offer up the thrill of the slap of the skiis when a jumper lands his jump way down the base of the hill. And the crowd responded with a rawkus cheer every time a jumper landed a great jump. We Need more cow bell!

Follow this link to the Harris Hill Ski Jump, Brattleboro Vermont