John Chicoine
415 Otter River Rd.
Gardner, MA 01440
Primary Phone:978-632-6998

Enterprise Computing Quality Engineer

QUALIFICATIONS - Multiple years experience in QA, Testing and Information Management & Technology.
- System integration, (Servers, Desktops, Laptops; NetWare, Win9X, NT4, Win2K)
- Applications: (MS-Office, Corel tool suite, Presentation tools, Test tools, HTML)
- Technical problem solving and communication of issues across multiple diciplines.
- Customer Focused. Positive customer relationships.
- Proven ability to translate customer requirements into detailed technical solutions.
- Confident oral, written and presentation skills.
- Process development and documentation.

EXPERIENCE Compaq Computer Corp. 1998 - 2002
System Software Engineer
Compaq Personal Computer Customization Services:

    As the lead certification engineer in Compaq's Customer Certification Services Group, I provided technical consulting on all certification and testing engagements. I was required to understand and configure the customer's enterprise environment to configure and maintain appropriate test-bed platforms. I co-developed with the customer, detailed test plans and reports to meet customer deliverables. It was my responsibility to train the Compaq C.C.S technical staff on customer specific environments, and applications. I was the primary technical liaison for Compaq's C.C.S project managers.
*   Helped Compaq win the new 5 year Exclusive Vendor contract with the USPS, by reducing new product integration trouble calls for Servers, Desktops, and Portables.
*   Reduced new product rollout times for Compaq's large enterprise clients (USPS, Verizon, Saber, Vanguard...) through customer specific compatibility testing.
*   Reduced the IS support calls over the life of the product of every Compaq customer engaged with the Customer Certification & Test Group.
*   Configured and maintained NT, Win2K, NetWare 4.11, and Win9X computing environments in customer specific test beds.

Digital Equipment Corp. 1996 - 1998
Hardware Certification Engineer
Digital Personal Computer Business Unit:

    I was the Hardware Certification engineer for the entire Digital Intel Desktop product line, responsible for all Windows 95/98, Windows NT4.0/Win2K, and IBM OS2 certifications. I was trained at Microsoft's Hardware Certification Lab. (WHQL) I developed an MS-Access database for tracking bugs and coordinating efforts between Digital engineers, 3'rd party vendors, and Microsoft, to resolve problems. I provided technical training and support for the Digital PC business Group's QA test engineers.
*   Successfully certified all of Digital's PC desktop products through timely comunication of complex technical issues to hardware and software design engineers.
*   Aided Hardware design engineers through tracking technology changes in the "Micrisoft Hardware Design Spec".
*   Reduced hardware certification and testing bottlenecks by through project scheduling and developing test matrices.

Digital Equipment Corp. 1990 - 1996
Information Management & Desktop Technology Specialist
Digital Alpha Server Business:

*   Engineered Digital Pathworks VAX/PC Client/Server environment, and introduced users to these technologies.
*   Supported over 400 networked PC desktops, configuring all hardware, Win95, NT4.0, Mac OS, and many applications such as MS-Office, Lotus Smart-Suite, Mail clients, Scheduling, remote connectivity, Vax and NT client server environments.
*   Developed and taught formal courses on MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Digital Pathworks, and Digital product entries onto the MS-Windows platform.
*   Produced multimedia trade show presentations for the Digital PC LAN Server and Internet AlphaServer products. Staged hardware configurations for the trade-show floor. Set up and configured a complete PC based multimedia nonlinear video-editing studio, complete with Higheight camera, broadcast quality SVHS recorder, and Video Logic Full video capture/playback system. These presentations utilized Macromedia Action, Corel Draw, 3D-Studio, Animator Pro and Adobe Premier.

Digital Equipment Corp. 1985 - 1990
Information System Specialist
VAX/VMS Systems & Cluster Development Grp.

   Supported over 150 users on Digital proprietary products in the VAX/VMS Cluster Development Group. Collaborated with all levels of Staff as a member of the VAX/VMS Cluster Development Management Team supporting the VAX Cluster Interconnect Engineering group.

Digital Equipment Corp. 1975 - 1985
Repair Technician Specialist
Final Assembly & Test Hardware Repair

   Lead technician providing work coordination for the Digital Hardware Repair Depot in the Final Assembly and Test Facility. Coordinated the daily duties of 30 system and option level repair technicians. Provided hands-on training for new technicians in Digital specific products. Provided technical product support for Digital hard drive products.

TARGET JOB Desired Status: Full-Time Employee
Description of my perfect job:
My next employer should need a team leader with a diverse skill set and a solid work ethic, who is able to communicate effectively between many different disciplines. The position should demand the skills and experience to translate abstract requirements and deliver detailed technical solutions.

TARGET COMPANY Technical Category: Computer Development Quality Assurance, Hardware support, Application support, System Integration & Test, Technology, IM&T.
Educational Category: Computer lab, Hardware support, Technology, IM&T, Instructor, Course development.

EDUCATION Associates, Liberal Arts, MWCC 1975

TECHNICAL TRAINING Windows 2000 for IT Professionals MS. Networking Essentials Microsoft Certification (4 weeks)
Alteris Express NT4.0 Core     Technologies NetWare Administration (US. Postal Service)

Windows NT for Large Scale Enterprizes Integrating NT3.51 Supporting MS-Office (2 weeks)

Supporting Microsoft SMS Programming in C Vax/VMS Pathworks

REFERENCES Jane Breed Engineering Manager Globespan 978-456-8177

Bob Tassinari Software Development Manager Compaq 603-598-8972

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