Mt. Monadnock


Trail: White Cross

Date: November 1, 1998

Attending: Matt. Leblanc, Gabe, Simone, & John Chicoine

Miles: 4.5 miles Time: 3 Hrs.

AMC huts, / shelters / camping site:None

Weather: Clear & Windy, windchills down to 0 degrees

We did this one after church just to keep the legs in shape for the Whites. It was very cold with spitting snow here and there throughout the hike. The wind was howeling, as it often is on this one. We got to the trail at 1:35 after church, The parking lot was full! We geared up and headed up the White Cross. (We don't like the White Dot much, too well traveled, and pollished rock). Mt Monadnock is not an "easy mountain" by any standards. It's trails can hold their own for levels of difficulty, with most trails in the Whites, (they just arn't as long). We had lots of good viwes because the leave were all gone by now. When we got to the summit we hunkered down for a snack, much like the rest of the crouds up there. Then we headed back down the White dot just because. We got back to the car at 4:30, and made our way to the Pizza shop in the center of Winchendon. It was a pleasent hike, but we were all glad we brought the wind and cold gear. Simone tried out her new Kelty Redwing backpack. She likes it!

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