Pisgah State Park

(New Hampshire)

Trail: Pisgah Ridge Trail

Date: Sunday 12/1/2001

Attending: Gabe, Simone, & John Chicoine

Miles: 7.8-miles round trip Time: 4 hrs.

AMC huts, / shelters / camping site:

Weather: 50 degrees, partly cloudy.

No snow yet! bummer.

Located in Cheshire County, between Winchester, Chesterfield, and Hinsdale. 21 miles of square miles make this the largest property in New Hampshire. The park protects 7 ponds four highland ridges, and numerous wetlands. Six trailheads around the park disperse use, reducing visitor impact. This is a relatively new park that is very well maintained. All trails are marked so that blazes are visible at all times, and every brook is bridged to support bike, motor bike, or snowmobile traffic. The Pisgah ridge trail has several nice vista sites. There is car access in the summer that leads into the center of the park for easy access to all sections of the reserve. Maps are available at the trailheads, or at the Park Visitor Center, on the Winchester Trailhead, 603-239-8153. If you E-Mail me I'll scan a map and E-mail one back. The park is accessible year-round for various activities, including motorized access. The trails are designated for hikers, or motorized access. Winter access is heavily traveled by snowmobiles, and the trails are marked at all junctions, and bridges. As much as we loved this hike, and the ridge trail is reminiscent of the Wapack trail, I believe we'll keep this park for cross-country skiing. I'm glad we took the time to visit the park, but as far as "hiking" I think this is a been there, done that, kind of experience. If nature walks, lots of variety of beaver ponds, wetlands and hills are your bag, this place is cool. Several of the ponds have boat ramp access if fishing is your thing. I think this park has lots snow shoe & cross country skiing potential.

Our exact trek was from Fullum Pond parking lot, south on Chestnut Hill trail to Parker trail, to Reservoir Trail, south to Pisgah Ridge trail to Baker Pond trail, south to Reservoir trail, south to North Ponds trail, east on Old Chesterfeild Road back to Fullum Pond.

Bring on the snow!!!