“Alas! how little does the memory of these human inhabitants enhance the beauty of the landscape!”
Henry David Thoreau

Mt. Moosilauke (4802)

Trail: Gorge Brook – Carriage Road – Snapper Tr.

Date: 11/25/98

Attending: Matt LeBlanc, Gabe, Simone & John Chicoine

Miles: 7.5-mile loop Time: 3 hours to summit. 6 hour total

AMC huts, / shelters / camping site: Moosilauke Ravine Lodge

Weather: Sunny, clear, gentle cooling breeze

Moosilauke Again!!! We love this mountain!

This is our answer to “BLACK FRIDAY”. Shop this!

This time it’s in new fallen snow! The snow was a foot deep or more at the base but the trail was well traveled and easily hiked in bare boots. Towards the summit there were a few blow-downs and we had to step to the side off the trail. We could see from the post-holes that the snow was at least 2 feet deep in most spots. Last night they had a sleet storm on the summit that sprayed the mountain with several inches of the finest snow we’d ever seen. What a Hike! Undoubtedly our prettiest hike ever and one that we will spend a lifetime looking for these conditions again.

The temps were perfect, 30’s at the base, and high teens on the summit with just enough wind to put a sting in the air. The air was so clear that if someone waved at us from the base, we could have seen him smiling. The snow formed a feather that extruded off of everything, even the tiniest pine branch. We took lots of pictures with a disposable wide-angle camera. I can remember shooting one of Gabe, Simone and Matt hiking along a ridge while I was off to the side, it looked like we were on Mt. Everest. Of all the trips this is the one that we lost the camera on. (After 2 years WE FOUND THE Camera, and you are looking at just a few of the shots! The lodge was closed. The road to the lodge and all the paths around the lodge were glare ice. (I meen total “skating rink” ice. The only way we could get down from the parking lot to the trail was to hug the railings (that were also covered in glare ice). Thank God the trails weren’t like the paths by the lodge. We only saw two other hikers the entire day; both passed us on the way up. Hey! What’s the hurry? If all goes well we hope to hike this one again the day after Thanksgiving 1999. What a lofty goal…

  1. Moosilauke1 Matt Leblank, Gabe, J&S (Winter 1998)
  2. Moosilauke2 Shawn, Ralph, Gabe, J&S (Winter 2000)
  3. Moosilauke3 Shawn, Ralph, Gary, Gabe, J&S (Winter 2002)
  4. Moosilauke4 Gary & Pete, Gabe, Noah, J&S (Winter 2003)
  5. Moosilauke5 J&S (Spring 2009)
  6. Moosilauke6 Chris, Joel, Shawn, J &S, (Fall 2011)
  7. Moosilauke7 J&S (Fall 2017)


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